Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's this? A New Post?!

Har har har, why yes! A new post on the King Kongery Blog. I've said it before, and I'll surely say it again but I do plan to update this blog much more frequently in the future. We'll see how that works out.

Onto matters of the plushie sort.

Here's the few toys that I've finished recently (well... a little longer than recently).

The Chupbwana

You can see he's sitting right on the side of this blog in my mini-Etsy. So you can just click on over to the posting if you'd like to purchase him and give him a wonderful home so that he can get out of the plastic bag I've tied him in.

If you don't want to click, fine! But for your convenience here's his Etsy description. It took me like half an hour to write so make sure you read it, just like how you read everything else on this page. No just skimming over the words and glancing at the pictures for you! No sir!

"Meet the Chupbwana!

A strange and wild creature that once lurked in the shadows of many forests all over the world! Long ago their population was tremendous! They were little more than stomaches with limbs and antlers! The Chupbwana were bountiful as their voracious appetites would consume any animal in their path!

As they evolved the colors on their backs became a camouflage pattern to help them hide during the hunt. However being as vicious as they were, the Chupbwana certainly enjoyed the look of fear and surprise as they lunged for their prey!

Six eyes may seem a bit much for most creatures, but these masterful predators would use their larger eyes to help find prey in the darkness. Meanwhile their four smaller eyes, almost centered on their faces would assure their clawed finger strikes to be very precise!

Because of their amazing instinctual hunting abilities a single Chupbwana could take down an animal four times it's size! Mass groups of Chupbwanas, referred to as Chupgroups, have been observed on the African plain capturing and devouring entire herds of elephants!

It's true that once their numbers were many but because of deforestation their natural habitats have shrunk throughout the years, and their populations dwindle. Though vicious, in urban areas, where many Chupbwanas have found themselves, they are unable to consume the massive amounts of food that they require.

However we at the Chupbwana Conservation Society (CCS) work tirelessly day and night to restore the Chupbwanas to a moderately sized population (if the Chupbwana were to exist today in their previous numbers they would be able to devour every animal on the planet), you can do your part!

This particularly vicious Chupbwana was discovered lost and alone, but full having eaten a dozen stray cats, in a dark back alley of a major metropolitan city. You can adopt this creature and lovingly watch over it in your home!

However, make sure to keep a very close eye on it... Seriously. We at the CCS only have a couple to watch over in our facilities... and they're quite bitey.... JEEZ! I've lost fingers!! I mean these guys will eat anything! I can't even imagine a whole group of these things in the wild! Have you seen that video online where a Chupgroup jumped into the ocean and ate a killer whale?!! What the heck?! Why are we saving these things?!


But all life is precious. I'm sure you and your new Chupbwana will be good friends!

Chupbwana measures about 11 inches from bottom to top of antlers and around 13 inches from arm to arm. Completely handsewn.

The Squorcharp

Now I absolutely love this guy. Not only is he evidence that I'm getting better at coming up with interesting patterns and more organic shapes, but look at him! He was suppose to be ferocious... but ferocious is sometimes hard to pull off with fleece and polyester filling. None the less!

His teeth are made of vinyl fabric, the kind you'd use to upholster a couch. Which I thought was absolutely inspired! Cause though fleece has it's merits, unfortunately it doesn't fare so well with pointy thin shapes. Also, look at his wee little arms!

Even though I love his colors, cause I'm a big orange fan, I've noticed the need for me to be a bit more creative with my color choices.

Here's his Etsy description, that's right he's for sale too!

"-Day 21.

We've attempted another jump to the present, unfortunately the Chrono Progression Agitator Valve has once again malfunctioned and we are left stranded... this time in the past!

However it's been very exciting! We've arrived in the Cretaceous period, evident of the different species of dinosaurs we've already encountered. We've also been fortunate enough to observe a number of species of creatures which we've never known to have existed!

As my partner continues to work to fix the Chrono valve I have been spending my time recording these wonderful animals! My favorite thus far is definitely something I've decided to call "The Squorcharp."

It's a strange little animal that's very reminiscent of the much larger creatures in the area. However it's his split-tail and squid-like, six eyed head that I find remarkable!

At first I was a bit worried that this fearless, little creature would be inclined to bite me because of it's obviously visible teeth. Fortunately my worries were entirely unfounded! The Squorcharp is a sweet and docile creature, undoubtedly using it's slightly ferocious appearance to scare off predators.

What I've found most wonderful about the strange-headed Squorcharp is how intelligent and curious they are! Though hard to believe this particular Squorcharp managed to untie my right boot with it's tail! More wonderful is how the Squorcharp managed to tie it back together!!

Oh my! Well, though I certainly shouldn't even consider it... but... there is that large empty compartment in the back of the time machine... In fact, it's probably large enough for several Squorcharps...


This Squorcharp is about 14 inches tall and about 8 inches long from belly to tail. It's entirely hand sewn.








I have hat!





Squishipon! Squishipon!

Squishipon is just about 5 inches tall without his nearly 10 inch Squishipon cap. He's partly hand sewn and partly sewn on machine. His arms don't have any stuffing.


Haha, Squiish. You'll note I took a very different approach to this Etsy description. I definitely set out to create a real simple toy, something that I could sew on a machine quickly. I sewed his arms and hat on the machine, but realized it was gonna be tough to sew those arms to the body.... I have my reasons! I ended up sewing those on by hand.

Like the description says there's no stuffing in those arms... I wasn't too sure how that'd work out but I like it. It wasn't cause I was lazy, but I was worried about losing that tentacleyness once stuffed.

Also, here's an interesting tidbit about the design.... he was suppose to have a real long funny legs underneath! I decided against those because I was lazy. See? This is the interesting info you're looking for! The real hard hitting newsworthy bits! He was suppose to have legs?! CRAZY.


Big empty space cause I'm going to divert from the toy exhibition and move onto some other interesting things.

CRAMMED ORGANISMS! World's largest plushie show?? I mentioned it a while back, and though true I wasn't able to participate or visit I definitely still think it's awesome. A wonderful showcase of many talented people. Now the show is over, but for those of us who weren't able to visit.... David Wolk and the folks at Cranky Yellow, who put together the show, have also somehow managed to put out a book as well.

Here's my copy! And yeah, that brow of mine just adds to the craziness that is my face.

That's right, the Crammed Organisms book. 235 pages of full color awesomeness. Haha. I certainly love books that are basically just full of crazy pictures. But it's got all the toys that were on display in the show, artist websites, sketches, art, plus pages of info including their wonky advertisement campaign that led up to the announcement of the show. It's available here on Etsy. Get yours sooner than later! Only 5000 in print, when they're gone they're gone!

Now I really do like this book, but the folks at Crammed Organisms liked my review of the book so much that they added it to their blog (see me repeat what I've basically said here!). I like being mentioned by people. Hey I'm too lazy to market myself so it's nice to get a bit of publicity.

On a side note to books full of crazy odd greatness...

The fellows who watch over my living room have decided they love Aranzi Machine Gun Vol. 2.
So the picture's a bit yellow... but none the less! If you'll remember, that's 43 inch tall Warsington upfront holding the book, Francis the robot is behind him with his hulking arms. So I found Aranzi Machine Gun Vol. 2 while browsing the crafts section at Borders. It is a strange odd ridiculous little publication, full of short comics and pictures of the plushie toys created by Aranzi Aronzo. I think there are three volumes out so far but at 10 bucks a piece for these little books, I'll be waiting for a bit more cash in my pocket.

This is their site, but it hasn't been updated in a long time. But you can check out the Amazon.com for their craft books (which have patterns and things) as well as less helpful, though certainly plenty creative, literature like Aranzi Machine Gun (on Amazon).

Back to the toys yet?? Sure.

Here's the last toy I've finished, but these are no effort pictures. No backdrop, just went upstairs to the well lit kitchen.

He's a Space Octopus! An Eight legged Spaceman! From the seas to the stars! This guy is just a test for the pattern. Just a trial toy I get to keep all for myself. I plan to make more, hopefully much quicker. I sew fairly slow and this guy took reaaaal long. I'm not even going to tell you how long it was soo long.

I'm hoping to make him out of other materials besides fleece, and also give him a space helmet. By the way, there's 8 little yellow sucker circles on each leg, do you know how long that took me?!

And then just for you guys, well hopefully someone reads this thing... a quick peek at what I'm working on now. It's my first time using faux fur and it's for my last custom order... Hopefully when it's done it won't just look like a big pile of fur... we'll see. I usually prefer to keep things private till I'm done... but I'm really having a ball just snapping pictures today.

Oh jeez, so furry and fuzzy. Faux fur is great to work with... except all the fuzz starts floating down into my lungs.

Oh?? Now what?

Well, just to make this post even longer than anything ever, maybe to make up for all the lack of previous posts? I want to mention Caw! Caw! A Chicago band comprised of three fellows, one of whom... (who?) being my oldest friend Steve Kozak! (he's on the right side)

Here they are on Myspace (it's where I stole that picture) where you can hear their newest song "Organisms." Caw! Caw! is going on tour soon, heading out East through Indiana, Ohio and on toward New York.

But if you're in Chicago, definitely check out their EP Release Show at Abbey Pub on September 23rd. I'll be going of course to enjoy the show, pick up a copy of the album, say hello to the guys. If nothing else you can just show up to mingle with this chubby Asian toymaking blogger.

Their Myspace has the info under Upcoming Shows, and I'll be sure to bring it up again once the day gets closer. You can also be a fan on their Facebook page here. And of course their official site: http://www.cawcawmusic.com/

That seems like everything for today. Bye bye!


collapsibleboat said...

That octopus is insane--really nice.

Oh and I'm totally in Chicago now.

David said...

I blogged about you AGAIN! This time I swiped the picture of you holding the book. Ah yes.

Thanks again for churning out amazing work!