Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Helllooo everybody!  It's time to announce the winners of my Antlered Bunny giveaway!

Congratulations to Wakey N!!

However, because so many people helped spread the word of my contest on Twitter (all those retweets!) I'm going to go ahead and give away a second antlered bunny.

So... Congratulations to Stephanie Hall!  You also win an Antlered bunny.

But just because I'm sweet and wonderful and handsome, I've decided to give away one more bunny.  Just a regular bunny, no antlers.  But hey... they're still pretty cute I think.

Therefore... Congratulations to Chrisovalanta.  Classic bunny headed to you!

I really want to thank everybody who entered and helped spread the word!  I very much enjoyed reading all your comments and I hope all of you have an absolutely delightful holiday... season?  time?  event?  It's all good.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sure they're for sale, but just for fun, I'm going to give one away.  

We'll keep it simple.

From now until 12AM Central standard time on December 15th, leave a comment right here about your plans for the holiday season for the chance to win ONE FREE Antlered bunny.  Just like the ones pictured!   Make sure to include your email, or twitter or deviantart or some way to contact you!  

Please only one entry per person!

Monday, November 30, 2009

In stock.

BUNNIES are back in stock at Rotofugi!  Online and in the store!  Regular bunnies, long eared bunnies, white and green zombunnies are all back on the shelf!

Expect them to show up at the Bluebottle Gallery in Seattle soon also!

I've got plans for all new sorts of bunnies too!  Some simple... some a bit more spectacular...


The 50 Year old Bunnipede is still for sale at the Bluebottle Art Gallery in Seattle!  You can also purchase it online!  <-- click there.  100 legs!  

Finally now!  I've listed three new toys on Etsy, other more bunny related items to join them soon!


The same template as Harwood and I'm considering making more and more and more of them!

Other guy?I only had the brown and yellow long pile furs so I tried to make one with a shorter fur... I don't like it as much as the longer furs, so I'll be keeping it for myself!

Oh look!  It's Braidwood!

Hugging can be difficult with such short arms...


I finish Robinson a LOOOONG time ago, but through a combination of laziness and forgetfulness today is the day that everybody everywhere gets to see him!  I like his feets the best.

This is a bit late but hey!  I was a fish for Halloween:

Made of cardboard, staples and colored paper.  It's a bit chickeny/turkeyish I know...  It took a few hours and I finished it on the morning of Halloween.  Handsome devil.

Now what?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's back to work!

I've been quiet much too long.  Lots of bunnies to make for Rotofugi (Chicago), The Bluebottle (Seattle), Etsy (Internet), and Christmas is coming folks!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


It's been quiet around here... it'll stay a little quiet for just a bit more...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Plush You Giveaway, Rotofugi, What's next?

Just a reminder....

That's right folks! PLUSH YOU! Time is just flying by until the openings for Plush You! It's going to be a huuuuge show happening in a bunch (five I think) different venues in Seattle in October!

I'll be a part of it! My toys are going to be shown at The Bluebottle Gallery and in preparation for the show I'm giving away TWO BUNNIES! It's the "You've got red on you" Zombunnie Survivor set!

That is correct, it is a very direct reference to one of my favorite movies, Shaun of the Dead. I think enough people got that. This isn't really super recent news since the giveaway was announced almost a week ago... I'm a slow blogger...

But there's only one day left to enter over at The Bluebottle Art Craft and Design Blog!

Next news! Super News! BUNNY NEWS.

My bunnies are now going to be appearing at ROTOFUGI! It's an awesome and fairly well known Chicago toy store! It's real cool, a necessary destination for all urban vinyl and designer plushie fans!

I believe my bunnies show up on the shelves tomorrow. There are 10 regular bunnies, 10 white zombunnies, 10 green zombunnies and 5 long-eared bunnies!

I need to build a lightbox... and I just might! I took the two pictures on different settings and tweaked them on photoshop... eehhhh.

These bunnies took longer than I had hoped, almost three weeks! But keep in mind that second week was mostly for watching Farscape Seasons 1 and 2. They were all hand sewn and up until they were stuffed I didn't realize just how many 35 bunnies was.

all together now:
I was hoping to take a mess load of pictures but that didn't happen this time around. I still love bunnies and I'm still going to make more so there will be more photo opportunities!

I've got plans for some new toys so stay tuned! But first a well deserved (more or less) day off full of laundry and yard work. Yessir-ree-bob.

I'll give you a hint at what's next.... Robots. AHAHAHAR!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More Zombunnies!

Haha, more zombunnies are up in my Etsy shop. You'll see them to the side. Meanwhile I'm working on another batch of zombunnies, except you won't be seeing them in my shop...

So... Where will they be?!?

I dunnnoooo!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dr. Morongo Faust and Plush You!

Alright! Nothing too new. I'm aware that my last entry included a picture I had already shared, forgive me it was late and I was tired.

Meanwhile! I had also included a journal entry from the illustrious Dr. Morongo Faust. We'll learn more about him eventually, but for now... here's his portrait! The World's Leading Extraterrestrial Leporidaeologist-
I've also got plans to stamp his face on bunny tags. Plans plans plans!

Better news!

I've finally mailed out my Plush You! toys, though there were only two I love them so much! I think they're gonna arrive a bit later than they should... just past the deadline but I'm hoping they'll forgive me...


I was having the most ridiculous time trying to come up with a name for this cute beast, who seems to be a cross between a sewer rat, a pig and a wolf... Loveable! Flaversham is actually the name of the toymaker from the Great Mouse Detective. Awesome right?

I love him and I'm sad he left!

Then of course... there's the "50 Year Old Bunnipede"

He's an actual centipede! A hundred legs! He took a bit of time, a lot of patience, but in the end he's quite wonderful.

Now let's just see what we know about this Bunnipede...

From the journal of Dr. Morongo Faust, the world's leading extraterrestrial leporidaeologist (alien rabbit scientist):


On the planet Vitamin D there are only two seasons. The Bright Season, a perpetual spring when days never seem to end. Followed by the Storm Season, where the clouds seem frozen in the sky and torrential rains drench the landscape. At the beginning of every Bright Season those delightful Bunnipedes that have survived the rains grow a new pair of legs!

It's worth noting that if the Storm Season had been particularly harsh a Bunnipede's new legs will be a darker green than usual, whereas a less difficult Storm Season surrounded by love ones would yield a golden pair of legs! Absolutely wonderful! I can only guess at some of the stories a Bunnipede would have to tell!"

Wonderful! For the time being the Bunnipede is going to be a Plush You! 09 exclusive, because I've run out of the yellow fur... I'll have to scour the planet for more!

You'll be able to see both Flaversham and the 50 Year old Bunnipede in person starting October 10th at the Bluebottle Art Gallery located at...

415 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98122

View Larger Map

That's where it is! But don't you dare forget to check out the Plush You! toys at Schmancy or The Anne Bonny! Check out this Plush You blog post on all sorts of reasons why you should go check out the show!

Then! That's... that's really it for now I guess!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quick Plush You! Update


quick quick!

I was hoping to be able to send three toys to the Plush You! show this year, but it seems as if I'll only be sending two... yarrrr.

But... here they are! Unofficial quick pictures!

I don't have a name for him yet... but I'd better figure out quick!

That's right!! A centipede (for truuue 100 legs) bunny. He's got a whole back story that I'll explain in real blog update fashion.

But for now, enjoy!

If you were following me on Twitter you would have seen these guys as I was working on them!


More laaater!

Monday, July 27, 2009

They're Coming...

From the diary of Dr. Morongo Faust, the world's leading extraterrestrial leporidaeologist (rabbit scientist):

"July 27-
The Telepathic Killer Bunnies From Outer Space. That's what I used to call them. But time has passed and a bit more has been revealed about them to me.

It turns out they're a brilliant alien species and for millions of years they've thrived on their home planet, Vitamin B12 (that's a rough translation). However, something's gone terribly astray. A great horror has struck their binary bunny star system and it's forced them to leave!

With their highly advanced technology and much searching, they finally discovered Earth. Our planet was one so distant and isolated that the bunnies hoped they could be safe...

They were wrong. They're trying to warn us. The horror is coming. An evil that we have never known...

The Zombunnies are coming..."

Sure it sounds a little like Zamboni... but oh well! Each zombunnie has red eyes and a mouth slathered in blood. The blood is hand embroidered so every zombunnie will be unique. I've only finished a few so far and soon I'll be listing them on my Etsy shop as well as sending them to the gallery in New Orleans. That last one is particularly creepy... he's bleeding from his eyes!


There's other things to discuss! The deadline for the Plush You Show is rapidly approaching and I still have so much to get done!

For now, here's a peek at the first toy I'll be sending to the show!

His eye is a bit tough to see, I'm worried I should have added a bit of light color underneath first. But it is easier to see in person. I haven't made very many toys with noses but he has one! He also has fur which was fun and a pain to work with. He's real cute!

SO! PLUSH YOU!! The show is in October and I'm hoping to go but it seems very unlikely that I'll be able to afford to fly to Seattle... hahaha, but! The show should be awesome no matter what, with or without me there!

Keep an eye on the Plush You blog to for interviews with some of the artists that'll be participating in the show!