Sunday, August 10, 2008

Oh that's right, I have a blog.

Sorry for the lack of updates ladies and gents! A whole month without anything new to share? Ridiculous. I've been quietly working on this and that and some of that and this.

I've just been super lazy about taking pictures. I'm wasting a lot of time as it is, and I always feel that bit of time I'm not wasting should be focused on creating new and different toys. It's tough trying to be original as well as challenging myself to become a better toymaker.

It's all about getting better! So there aren't any new pictures at the moment... Just making sure people know I'm still alive. I'll be uploading new pictures in the weeks to come.

Hey also there happens to be a sale going on in my Etsy shop! I haven't been making too big a deal of it so far, probably because I'm terrible at spreading news about things.

But hop on over to

and see what's on SALE!
Get your Morbis, roundbottoms and other odd toys before they're gone!