Monday, September 7, 2009

Plush You Giveaway, Rotofugi, What's next?

Just a reminder....

That's right folks! PLUSH YOU! Time is just flying by until the openings for Plush You! It's going to be a huuuuge show happening in a bunch (five I think) different venues in Seattle in October!

I'll be a part of it! My toys are going to be shown at The Bluebottle Gallery and in preparation for the show I'm giving away TWO BUNNIES! It's the "You've got red on you" Zombunnie Survivor set!

That is correct, it is a very direct reference to one of my favorite movies, Shaun of the Dead. I think enough people got that. This isn't really super recent news since the giveaway was announced almost a week ago... I'm a slow blogger...

But there's only one day left to enter over at The Bluebottle Art Craft and Design Blog!

Next news! Super News! BUNNY NEWS.

My bunnies are now going to be appearing at ROTOFUGI! It's an awesome and fairly well known Chicago toy store! It's real cool, a necessary destination for all urban vinyl and designer plushie fans!

I believe my bunnies show up on the shelves tomorrow. There are 10 regular bunnies, 10 white zombunnies, 10 green zombunnies and 5 long-eared bunnies!

I need to build a lightbox... and I just might! I took the two pictures on different settings and tweaked them on photoshop... eehhhh.

These bunnies took longer than I had hoped, almost three weeks! But keep in mind that second week was mostly for watching Farscape Seasons 1 and 2. They were all hand sewn and up until they were stuffed I didn't realize just how many 35 bunnies was.

all together now:
I was hoping to take a mess load of pictures but that didn't happen this time around. I still love bunnies and I'm still going to make more so there will be more photo opportunities!

I've got plans for some new toys so stay tuned! But first a well deserved (more or less) day off full of laundry and yard work. Yessir-ree-bob.

I'll give you a hint at what's next.... Robots. AHAHAHAR!!