Monday, November 30, 2009

In stock.

BUNNIES are back in stock at Rotofugi!  Online and in the store!  Regular bunnies, long eared bunnies, white and green zombunnies are all back on the shelf!

Expect them to show up at the Bluebottle Gallery in Seattle soon also!

I've got plans for all new sorts of bunnies too!  Some simple... some a bit more spectacular...


The 50 Year old Bunnipede is still for sale at the Bluebottle Art Gallery in Seattle!  You can also purchase it online!  <-- click there.  100 legs!  

Finally now!  I've listed three new toys on Etsy, other more bunny related items to join them soon!


The same template as Harwood and I'm considering making more and more and more of them!

Other guy?I only had the brown and yellow long pile furs so I tried to make one with a shorter fur... I don't like it as much as the longer furs, so I'll be keeping it for myself!

Oh look!  It's Braidwood!

Hugging can be difficult with such short arms...


I finish Robinson a LOOOONG time ago, but through a combination of laziness and forgetfulness today is the day that everybody everywhere gets to see him!  I like his feets the best.

This is a bit late but hey!  I was a fish for Halloween:

Made of cardboard, staples and colored paper.  It's a bit chickeny/turkeyish I know...  It took a few hours and I finished it on the morning of Halloween.  Handsome devil.

Now what?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's back to work!

I've been quiet much too long.  Lots of bunnies to make for Rotofugi (Chicago), The Bluebottle (Seattle), Etsy (Internet), and Christmas is coming folks!