Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Know That You're In Love With Her

So just a quick update tonight!

I've finished a couple of Morbishams and one is now listed on Etsy. The other will go up tomorrow after I take some decent pictures!

But here we go, straight from Etsy cause I'm always too lazy to describe things more than one way:

Here in the King Kongery you'll encounter many different and interesting creatures...

Having spent a frivolous childhood filled with lazy days and seemingly never ending fun a Morbishim does grow up... into a Morbisham!

Now a bit taller, a bit wiser, and with a pair of antlers the Morbisham is all ready for a grown up sort of life. No longer hiding in bushes and trees waiting on potential victims for their immature pranks, Morbishams can be found standing on beaches, river banks and over puddles of water.

They stand so still at times it makes you wonder what they're thinking about. Are they pondering the mysteries of the universe? Remembering their lives so far and contemplating their futures? No! In fact they're just checking out their reflections! Admiring that magnificent stache!

Morbishams still enjoy a good Perchubim fruit snack but they make sure to squeeze the fruit first, dabbing a bit of that sticky Perchubim juice on their mustaches to keep it slick. They've got to stay stylish right?

You might think they're self centered... or even pretentious! But that's not true! Still a fun loving bunch, they're always excited to make new friends and have a good time!

This particular Morbisham is awaiting a new home! And in search of a new friend to have fun with! As long as you don't mind the quick glance in a mirror or reflective surface from time to time.

It's just about 5 inches wide, 5 inches long, 7 inches tall (not including those 3 inch antlers), and entirely hand sewn.

Fun fun! And just for a bit more fun, I took Rockwell (that's my first Morbisham and the one I'm keeping) outside for a quick photo shoot... and then all these birds showed up... but I don't think Rockwell minded much.

I think he's named that one Rockwell Jr.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Three Two One. Let's Go.

Hahaha! Well The King Kongery is back in full swing! I was hoping to make a bigger splash but that's a bit tougher than previously expected. It's alright though! Here we go!

So I would like to invite you all to see what I've been working on. If you had previously joined my Facebook group you may have noticed one of the random pictures I had uploaded a while back was a little cyclop tripod toy.

I loved it so much that I decided it was necessary to make more. And more and more. I don't have dozens yet... but a few now. You'll notice the only real difference is the eye from the first one and the final version.

Direct from my Etsy shop since I'm too lazy to type up something different:

Here in the King Kongery you'll encounter many different and interesting creatures...

However none are as friendly or as mischievous as the Morbishims. Born from the Morbishode plant but not yet fully grown into a Morbisham, the Morbishim is still an adolescent and craves attention.

They can be found all over the King Kongery, in the jungles, by the rivers, on the mountains and the beaches. They often travel in groups in search of adventure.

There's always another tree to climb and another hole to dig. They'll hide in the branches or in the bushes awaiting an unsuspecting passerby. Then the Morbishim will leap out onto the victim's head and sit very still... pretending to be a hat. It's one of their favorite games and you most likely won't even notice until you hear their hushed chuckles.

Because of all their playing the Morbishims tire themselves out quite quickly. But a short nap and a bite of a snack is just enough to get them going again! They do love the Perchubim fruit but if you don't have any... I hear Oreos do just fine.

This particular Morbishim is awaiting a new home! And in search of a new friend! I'm sure it wouldn't mind a name also. It's just about 5 inches wide, 5 inches long, 5 inches tall (not including it's horns), and entirely hand sewn.

Quick note! Some of my Morbis aren't entirely hand sewn!! That's right I've also started using a sewing machine to work on some of these guys. I'm still not a master at the sewing machine but I use it well enough to make a fine quality toy! It definitely cuts my work time down to only a couple hours instead of the 4-5 hours it takes to hand sew everything.

But still sometimes I prefer to handsew my toys. I feel like it keeps me real close to my creation. Like the sewing machine is a step away from working directly on my toys. I think anybody who's ever dedicated their time to creating something or anything knows what I mean.

Just a Morbi team building exercise...

In other news I've got plans for a slightly redesigned Roundbottom toy, every one of those is of course One of a Kind. But I'm also trying to decide what else to work on. My Noodle Ladies were popular and I still very much liked my MiMos but they're still in need for a redesign in my opinion. In case you don't remember what they look like:

Noodle Ladies


So there's a bit of insight into my work I suppose... But just in case all this wasn't enough... For the few people who do check out my blog I'll let you all in on a quick peek at what else I'm working on. The world's very FIRST look at a very grown up sort of Morbishim.

Why it's the Morbisham of course! Check out that mighty mustache! And apparently those horns can grow into antlers! Who knew?! Hahaha, You can probably expect them to show up in my Etsy shop in about a week.... once I make some more... Cause this one's mine. I may have named him Rockwell.


And as always check out my Flickr for more pictures!

But even more always make sure to drop by my Etsy Shop! THE KING KONGERY!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I want to fall through the clouds to some place...

Still quiet around these parts. But I don't want it to be too quiet...

So here's just a little something a couple of you may have seen before. Just to keep this place chugging along. Though I will have something very new to share very soon...

they're cute no?

also, you can find pictures not in blog form at my Flickr!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Memories That I'm Stealing...

Hello hello.

This post does not mark my official return to the King Kongery, but soon enough...

First news first, I have not been accepted to participate in Crammed Organisms. It's a bit disappointing, but I don't think I would have been up to the task. My plans for the show were quite exciting but also slightly far fetched. Then of course I got real laazy, so I probably wouldn't have anything good to contribute to the show anyway. There's always next time!

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't keep paying attention to the show! Hop on over to to see what many artists and toymakers are submitting to Crammed Organisms!

Now if you've joined the King Kongery Facebook group or watch my DeviantArt account or have been keeping an eye on my Etsy shop you'll have already seen these fellows.

Roundbottoms. I finished them a long while ago, but only now getting around to sharing them with everybody. Of the four, only three are available for sale. Lucha Roundbottom I'm holding onto for a number of reasons.

Also because I like them all so much I will be making more of them in the future. The design will be a bit different and most likely the Roundbottoms will end up costing a bit more.


Thaddeus Roundbottom

His Etsy listing:

He's a wonderful friend but I'm a bit worried about him...

"Good Morning Thaddeus!"

"rawf rawf!"

"How are you this morning? Had a good night's sleep I hope."

"rawf rawf!"

"Dreamed of chasing rabbits and kitty cats? Did you finally catch one this time my friend?"

"rawf rawf!"

"No? Oh, well that's unfortunate! Perhaps next time I suppose! There's many nights in front of us and many dreams to be dreamed! So, since it is breakfast time would you like a plate of scrambled eggs and toast? Or will a bowl full of doggie biscuits be enough?"

"rawf rawf! wag tail, wag tail!"

What worries me is that he's not really a dog... and since he doesn't have a tail, he actually spoke that last part.

Ohh Thaddeus! You might only be 11 inches tall and only five inches wide... but you sure do love doggie biscuits!

(i'm not allowed to be cute?)

Honus Roundbottom

Honus in the making!

His Etsy listing:

Now I first met Honus long, long ago. It was in the spring on a Tuesday... or a Thursday... It had just finished raining and there were puddles all over the sidewalks!

Of course like most post-spring-showers there were an abundance of worms creeping and wriggling around. They had just come out of the ground for a sip and a drink!

While most people continued with their walking-ons barely glancing at the ground, this little fellow who introduced himself to me as Honus Roundbottom was picking up as many worms as he could! Carrying them to the soft grass and making sure they would all get home safe.

How many of you have stopped to help a worm along it's merry... slimy way??

Ohh Honus! At 11 inches tall and 5 inches wide it's your outstanding friendly demeanor that makes you one heckuva friend!

Jupiter Roundbottom

His Etsy listing:

It's obvious by Jupiter's appearance that he is quite the scholar. He holds a PhD in Particulated Teletranstational Theory. It's a lot less complicated if you ask him to explain it to you.

Well, no. It actually becomes much more complicated. Really, I have no idea what he's saying half the time. I'm even starting to think he's just making things up because six syllable words make him laugh. I mean I say good morning and he comes back with, "Miranpidonipus!" I mean what is that?! Is that Latin?!

Ohh Jupiter! You might only be 11 inches tall and only five inches wide... but you're the smartest guy I've ever met!

Lucha Roundbottom

Like I mentioned he's not listed on Etsy. He didn't really turn out the way I had hoped. He was going to be called "El Sol." Then he would have an opponent named El Eclipse. And he still might someday, I think it's a great idea.

Anyway, that's all for now. So until I actually return, just sit quietly and dream of sweet King Kongery things.