Thursday, September 4, 2008

Voodoo crab magic, Frank and some stuff...

Last night I felt sort of sad because I might be blinding an innocent crab somewhere with my plushie voodoo magic....
I suppose I didn't have to go for the eyes....


Well here's Frank. I made him last night so I'd have a reason to update my blog real quick. I just wanted to make something simple and fairly straight forward.

Frank's mostly sewn by hand, his teeth were done on the machine, made of corduroy, fleece and this red cotton print. He's basically just a box but I like him. I might make one or two more (no promises), slightly redesigned, and done much quicker on the sewing machine.

Heh, real lazy pictures....

But here's some stuff to add to your calendar! For you Chicago folks at least.

Back in high school I was one of the real cool kids, and like all the cool kids I was part of the Engineering Club. The club hosted a cardboard Regatta. A whole bunch of different teams entered boats made of cardboard and duct tape to see which ones could go furthest in the school swimming pool. Note: Real simple cardboard rafts work real well.

I bring this up because of the upcoming Redbull Flugtag in Chicago! Basically a whole bunch of different teams enter flying machines and try to see how far they'll go before they hit the water.

I was hoping to get out to The Redbull Flugtag this years since I've always wanted to go. But I won't be able to because of a weekend filled with family events. It's being held at North Avenue Beach on Saturday, September 6 2008! That's in two days! It's free to watch. Seats are first come first serve so it's best to get there early cause I think it gets craaazy crowded. The gates open at 11am with the first flight happening at 1pm. Check it out, tell me how it was.

Then of course there's the Renegade Craft Fair coming up!

(click the banner...)

September 13-14 on Division St between Damen Ave and Hermitage St. It's going to be huuuge! From Noon to 10pm on both days. Over 200 artists and crafters selling some amazing items. I actually was hoping to take part in the Renegade Craft Fair this year buuut.... excluding the fact that I sew like a snail a booth also costs $300+ for both days. I'm a poor, poor man! SOoo... Buy my toys to fund my 2009 Renegade Craft Fair Debut!

Of course I'll be attempting to visit Renegade on both days and take a ridiculous amount of pictures to share here. It's gonna be an awesome chance to meet all sorts of toymaking folks, I'll make some new friends and introduce you to them. I'm also thinking I should wear a costume.... Antler hat and cape perhaps?? A plushie monster bursting from my stomach? We'll see....

And let's not forget about Caw! Caw!'s upcoming show! Their newest EP "Wait Outside" will be available at the show on September 23, 2008. It's happening at the Abbey Pub on 3420 W. Grace St!!

I might just keep reminding all of you until it actually gets here!

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