Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CAW! CAW! and some toys

Tonight ladies and gents! In only a couple hours! Caw! Caw!'s EP release party!

September, 23 2008 at Abbey Pub EP RELEASE SHOW!
3420 W. Grace St., Chicago, Illinois 60618
Cost : $8

So check it out! 9 PM. I'm gonna be there so you can say hello to me! Or, you can say goodbye to Caw! Caw! After tonight they're heading on out to Ohio, New York and places beyond! But just in case there are some of you who won't be able to show, you can actually listen to "Wait Outside" streamed in it's entirety! as an e-card... here!

But hey also! Here are some toys.

This is a custom I finished a long while ago but have finally sent out today. It's the first toy I've ever made of faux-fur. It's the first toy I've ever made with plastic joints, so it's arms can move. It's also the first toy I've ever made to cross an ocean! It's not the first of my toys to arrive in a different country though... that distinction goes to the six legged elephant custom, Maylo. It lives in Mexico.

This yellow furry, wolf boy is headed to the UK. His snout mask comes off. His face is embroidered. And I had to hide him because my cat's too curious and wants to eat yellow fur! I gave him a scrap piece and he plays with it everyday!

Here's Jonesy!

He has a tough time sitting up. He's my first toy with lips and teeth! His mouth is the best part!


Uugobot (You-Go-Bot) is a simplified version of my space octopus, essentially the same techniques and designs for both toys. The biggest difference in the sewing process is the way the legs are attached. Uugo's sort of swing around when you pick him up and spin a bit, the octopus' arms stay still.

And here's Mr. Honey Melon, I just sewed him up a lil bit ago so no fancy pictures. I like the atmosphere of the picture! Something is terrifying!

All of the last three will soon be making an appearance on Etsy in search of some new homes!

Also I'd like to write a quick letter.

Dear Taco Bell,

Your Chalupas are delicious. Please make them cheaper.

Love, Vickangaroo.

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