Monday, September 8, 2008

Juan (cause I'm lazy), Love your Sandwiches and a few reminders


Man, Juan is such a jerk!

I'm so lazy. Instead of coming up with something wondrously new and deliciously interesting... I bring you another one of these guys. At least he's awesome, if not a bit lopsided! Well I think so.

"Love and a Sandwich" on Ebay!

A young lady who happens to live far away from here is auctioning off a One of a Kind Plush Monster on Ebay! It's her first Ebay auction, though she's been making and selling plush for a good long time now.

She is Chelsea Bloxsom aka Love and a Sandwich. You can check out her blog on Livejournal and Etsy site. And of course the 13 inch tall, 18 inch wide monster below is right HERE.

This is a Teeku! A quick snippet from his Ebay description: "Teeku's are one of the most expressive creatures in the monster kingdom. Their vocals can range from cooing and purring like a kitten, to screeching like car tires, or exploding like fireworks..."

Check out those balloons! Then go bid on it! Auction ends on Septbember 14th!

The Renegade Craft Fair

It's coming it's coming! 4 days to go! You can actually browse through the front page of to see a number of different toymakers from the Plush Team and the plushie wares they'll be peddling.


Don't forget about CAW! CAW!'s EP release show on September 23rd! Abbey Pub in Chicago! Check out their MySpace ( for info as well as another song, "Wrapped Up Neat in the Bible."

Oh also here's my cat:

I call him Mao.

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