Monday, March 30, 2009

To the Gallery!

So you probably thought I was sleeping this whole time right? Not making any toys, right?!

Well, you're wrong. Look at what I made!

2 morbishims, 1 morbisham, 8 bunnies and three new monsters! What a fun colorful bunch! Those bunnies are a gallery exclusive! Cause I do prefer to keep them white, makes things much much easier for me.

both valiant and humble. He can even stand on his own! What a guy!

Four eyes... the better to see you with! and six legs... the better to steal all your nachos with!

looking sweet no matter how it's standing!

They're all going to the Made Gallery at:

2124 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

If you're around, go see them! Buy them! So I can make more toys for you to buy!

But it wasn't all work... I was even persuaded into making a Nannerpus:

It's not as good as a real banana, and I don't like making trademarked things! (Nannerpus might not be trademarked... it's about the principle!) But she wouldn't stop asking! Plus she has pretty eyes. What could I do?!

Finished at 3am... I was sleepy.

His eyes aren't even right! Where are my cupcakes?!?!

Monday, March 16, 2009


Soon after seeing all those wonderful contest entires, I realized I really like the uncompromisingly simple, very huggable, gentle giant of a toy I call Warsington that I had made a long while ago.

The original sits on my couch, guarding it from evil spirits. I've decided I want to make more. He's around three and a half feet tall and I think everybody should have a giant plushie to hug every now and then. Especially in these tough economic times. However with a slight redesign and a bit of clean up I'd like to start selling them at your price.

That's right! I'm looking to gauge interest from people, who actually wants a Warsington and how much they'd be willing to pay. Then I'll pick the most popular price and that'll be the forever standard price of Warsington.

Of course, there are some things to keep in mind! He's pretty big which means the cost of materials (almost three lbs of stuffing) is about $20. I can't afford to give him away! So no less than 20 bucks, preferably... much more than 20 bucks...

Next, he's big and heavy. That means shipping especially outside of the USA may be kind of crazy.

Third, for a toy design, he's not complicated. Straight seams means less working time, which is one of the biggest reasons for me deciding on selling Warsington this way. It's the reason I'm willing to take a paycut!

Finally I can't do this all the time, for now this is a one shot. Every other toy in my shop in the future will only become more and more expensive (like crazy expensive!). But really, how often does an opportunity like this come along?!

$40? $60? $80? $175?? (ahaha, if only!)

In the end, I love toys. For all those people who share or will someday share that passion, I think you can certainly understand why I'm doing this. Toys help us explore our imaginations. They bring out the boundless enthusiasm we all have inside of us! So for this one time, it's not about the money, let's just have fun.

So tell me what you think. That was a lot to read, thanks!

Leave your price suggestions in the comments!