Sunday, September 14, 2008

Renegade in the Rain and Cuau

Well Hello Hello!!

So! Yesterday was my first ever visit to the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago! I saw a whole bunch of real cool things, met a few real nice people but didn't take enough pictures and forgot everybody's name... sorry folks!

But! I did take a few pictures and I'm happy to share them! They're mostly of my very good friend Cuau.

You can see how wet it was out there! But me and Cuau made the trek to the Fair! Unfortunately Cuau showed without a umbrella or poncho....

He got so wet!

A quick glimpse of the rainy day fair extravaganza!

We headed toward Kmart, no umbrellas in sight, so Cuau bought this children's poncho for ages 8+. Then it stopped raining!

And here's a few wonderful ladies and gents that I got to meet and chat with for a bit! I was hoping to talk to everyone but I was pretty rained out and my legendary gift of gab floundered! Also my double apologies to folks below... I don't remember your names! But hey, I've made sure to include websites!

My Favorite Mirror
A booth filled with some amazing art... on coasters, magnets, mirrors and mousepads?! Absolutely faaantastic! Truth be told, this was the only booth I bought anything from yesterday. There was a sweet mirror I got for my little sister, and then I picked up a set of six Coasters featuring the art of AshleyG.... even though I don't have any cups...

AHH! Mouthes! Mouthes, pouches and pockets! I love them. I'm quite envious since my toys are quite lacking in the mouth/pouch area. ARRH! So wonderful! And of course that is Casey Mcclurg on the left! I know because it's on her card.

And let's not forget, ETSY STREET PLUSH TEAM!
Some 35 different toymakers from the Etsy Street Plush Team were displaying some absolutely wonderful creations! Hahaha, I was in awe stepping into the booth! It's pretty cool to see lots of these artists online, but it doesn't compare to seeing their toys in person!

Oh special mention to Dust Furniture! I completely forgot to snap a quick picture of them and their absolutely amazing furniture. I want them to build and furnish a house for me! Pictured is "Stacked Cabinet No. 4" Look!! I want all my furniture to twist and bend...

So hey! If any of you see yourself in a picture and just want to remind me of your names... I'd be super happy!

And of course, I'm not above shameless self promotion. Haha. I made a little furry pouch and Junior the night before, then I very quickly painted my website onto a little poster for Junior to hold up. However! because of the rain I had to cover Junior up with some see through vinyl, it worked pretty well... Here's a closer look!

No one really got to see him out of the pouch... I was carrying him all day and I got more than a few looks. A few comments by some to others as I walked past. But maybe next time instead of being a walking advertisement I'll get to sit myself down in a nice little booth surrounded by my fun fun creations.

Then finally!! Me and Cuau headed on over to Sultan's Market... no lamb shawarmas... but the Falafel was a welcome meal after a lengthy day of walking and being soaked. Aalllthough... if that Lou Malnati's was finished and opened we could've had some delicious spinach deep dish....

So hey! The fair is still happening today, starting again at Noon! That's in less than an hour! Head on down (or up) to Division St between Damen and Hermitage. Take the train or bus, don't drive! Where would you park? Make sure to check out everybody I've mentioned here, but there's a lot more to see too! I just like toys and coasters the most I guess.

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