Saturday, December 6, 2008

Made Gallery!

Hello hello! It's been a long long time since a worthwhile post!

A little while back I was asked to send a few toys to a small, new, little gallery/ boutique in New Orleans. That's right ladies and gents! A few of my toys are now currently on display at the Made Gallery in New Orleans!

2124 Magazine St. New Orleans, LA 70130

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Haha, I'll get a picture of the place up soon enough!

So, of course if you're anywhere near the area check the place out! Not just to enjoy the splendor of my toys in person, but also check out all the other works on display (and for sale) at the gallery!

It's run by sweet sweet lady named Tracey, if you see her, say thank you for me!

So what did I send to her? I had wanted to send dozens and dozens of new toys but unfortunately my laziness and a few design difficulties meant only a few new toys and a few older ones that I really liked.

Below are the new toys I sent!

These bunnies, now nicknamed Telepathic Killer Bunnies from Outer Space, are sitting happily in the gallery! But I've also listed them in my Etsy shop! They're actually made to order, and entirely hand sewn. Those little guys take a lot more time than you'd expect.

This is Frank Costello. I liked the name! He was a simpler last minute addition to the shipment.

The legs aren't what I originally envisioned... but I very much like the way he turned out! But hey! Gray backdrops are ugly as hell! never again huh? On Monster Bus you might notice a few shiny bits, that's because I sewed a thin, clear pvc over the fleece in his windows! I like it.

I don't really have much to say about him. Except he's pretty big. I completely forget the measurements... but now he's enjoying his temporary home on a shelf in New Orleans, so I won't be able to remeasure!

Also, while working with Edmond I decided I don't want to use plastic safety joints anymore. Or at least I'll be using them differently. I may try new ways of adding joints. These plastic ones work very well, and it may also be because of the fleece, but I've become less of a fan.

Jupiter Scotch.
I love this guy. And unfortunately for those of you who love him as much as I do, he's been sold! That's right, Jupiter Scotch has found himself a new home! He may be one of my most awesomely named toys, but he's also the first of my toys to have more than one mouth! He won't be the last though, I'm sure of it!

And look! He can stand upside down too!

Super sweet huh? I agree!

Now unfortunately I wasn't able to send too many new toys in my first shipment, but I've been asked to send more since four of my toys have already been sold! I'm not terribly busy at the moment, though business has picked up during this holiday season! That means I'll be able to work full steam on some new large, hopefully crazily awesome toys to send to the gallery!

I did spend a rather ludicrous amount of money on fabric recently, so I'm all stocked and ready to go! Made Gallery... just you wait and see what I've got in store for you!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Custom Order Announcement

No new toy pictures to share at the moment folks.

I've been lazy.  Fat and lazy.  Super fat and lazy.  High speed internet has spoiled me.  Ridiculous download speeds means I'm basically parked in front of the computer watching cartoons from the 90s... ahem-

So, I haven't gotten much or anything done.  Very unfortunate.  Plenty of doodling and if it were worth sharing, I would.  But it's not.  So I won't.  Never.

But this of course means it's time to force my brain and the rest of me to get some work done.  That means I'm taking custom orders again.  That's right ladies and gents, you can commission me to create a very special, fantastic, unique toy, just for you.

I would really like a challenge.  A complicated 3-d, asymmetrical design that would really put me through some loops!  I'd work hard, and I'd work long and of course get paid lots.

But I understand not everyone can afford a ridiculously expensive, yet totally worth the price, complex custom toy.  So if you've got an idea for a toy and aren't looking to spend last week's paycheck, we can still work together to create an awesome, simple, cute, strange, or craaaazy perfect toy for you.

I mostly work in fleece, but I'm certainly enthusiastic to work in other materials.  Keeping in mind, that may affect the price.

you can reach me by sending an email to  Or send me a message through etsy or deviantart.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mr HoneyMelon, Ollie and the world's greatest six legged whale

Hello!  It's been much too long since I've last updated.   

Also I've been real lazy.  Too lazy to spend the rest of my night crafting an absolutely perfect blogger post?!  yes.  Ohh well.  At least I brought some new pictures for you all to look at, right?

Mr. HoneyMelon-

Zeus Capricorn!


And of course all three of these fellows are available on MY ETSY.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

CAW! CAW! and some toys

Tonight ladies and gents! In only a couple hours! Caw! Caw!'s EP release party!

September, 23 2008 at Abbey Pub EP RELEASE SHOW!
3420 W. Grace St., Chicago, Illinois 60618
Cost : $8

So check it out! 9 PM. I'm gonna be there so you can say hello to me! Or, you can say goodbye to Caw! Caw! After tonight they're heading on out to Ohio, New York and places beyond! But just in case there are some of you who won't be able to show, you can actually listen to "Wait Outside" streamed in it's entirety! as an e-card... here!

But hey also! Here are some toys.

This is a custom I finished a long while ago but have finally sent out today. It's the first toy I've ever made of faux-fur. It's the first toy I've ever made with plastic joints, so it's arms can move. It's also the first toy I've ever made to cross an ocean! It's not the first of my toys to arrive in a different country though... that distinction goes to the six legged elephant custom, Maylo. It lives in Mexico.

This yellow furry, wolf boy is headed to the UK. His snout mask comes off. His face is embroidered. And I had to hide him because my cat's too curious and wants to eat yellow fur! I gave him a scrap piece and he plays with it everyday!

Here's Jonesy!

He has a tough time sitting up. He's my first toy with lips and teeth! His mouth is the best part!


Uugobot (You-Go-Bot) is a simplified version of my space octopus, essentially the same techniques and designs for both toys. The biggest difference in the sewing process is the way the legs are attached. Uugo's sort of swing around when you pick him up and spin a bit, the octopus' arms stay still.

And here's Mr. Honey Melon, I just sewed him up a lil bit ago so no fancy pictures. I like the atmosphere of the picture! Something is terrifying!

All of the last three will soon be making an appearance on Etsy in search of some new homes!

Also I'd like to write a quick letter.

Dear Taco Bell,

Your Chalupas are delicious. Please make them cheaper.

Love, Vickangaroo.