Friday, June 20, 2008

Trying to find my umbrella...

Well I've really been slowing down recently. I should be making at least 1 toy a day! How hard can that be?! I dunno! Not very hard I'm sure!

Ohhh welll.

But Hey, here's my Unicorn. His name is Errol. I came up with Errol's design a long long time ago, it's all the way in the back of my doodle pad! I had wanted to make him once before but I guess I never got to it, but I've finished it now, so here he is!

Etsy info:

"I'd like you all to meet Errol! He's in search of a good home after all he's been around for a while! He was born a long time ago, hatched from an egg actually! But that was back when everyone hatched from an egg.

Errol has seen the world! He's seen the sights, smelled the smells, tasted all sorts of exotic foods! He's jumped from planes and run into burning buildings to save frightened kittens! He's done so much all he really wants now is to be back somewhere warm and comfortable.

He just wants to slow down, make a few new friends and be around when somebody just needs a hug. He's always up for a good hug!

Errol is entirely hand sewn. He's just about 12 inches tall with a 3 inch horn."

If he's still available you can find him HERE.

Anyway! I actually spent almost half an hour trying to write a poem for his description. It started out strange and there was no real order to it.... but some of it rhymed... I don't know. I'm not much of a poet sometimes... there are moments though... I once won a poetry contest at my college! But to be truthful, no offense to anyone intended, a lot of the entries were uninspired and real angsty love sort of stuff. I think I just won because mind was different.

So I bet you're wondering if I'll share this poem with you! Probably not, I don't like it anymore.

In other news here's a couple of mini crabs I've made for my very first custom order! Cause that's right! I do take custom orders and commissions!

And jeez what else! I've completely forgotten! Crammed Organisms is happening right now! I meant to mention it back when it started but not participating sort of pushed it out of my brain.

Check out Crammed Organisms for pictures and links to more pictures!

So if you're in St. Louis, and for some reason are reading my blog.... but also still haven't visited any part of the show... get to it!


Toily said...

Hello Victor hehe, I'm from Mexico, via Custom Toylab i found your taoys and blog, i wrote about them in my blog, i hope there is no problem n.n", take a look at it:

if you want me to take the post down please just ask.

BTW, GREAT! toys, hope to see some vinyl in the future hehe Greetings!!

storybeader said...

your creations are SO cute. I, too, am an etsy seller, and etsyblogger. check out the tags for us.

I saw Errol in the Etsy Zoology Treasury. All your things are too cute. A favorite!