Tuesday, June 24, 2008

But what can I do? They don't shake my heart...


Oh jeez after a week of fun custom order designing and getting stuff done I've fallen off the horse! Or... I've fallen off the six-legged elephantisum.

So before I get to complaining lots here are my two most recent customs, while I continue to work on my current order. I think it's strange that it's so tough to sell on Etsy.com since it's so easy to fade into the background... but then within a week and a half I've already been asked to make custom toys from people on deviantart. Maybe that's not strange, but hey! I'm cool with it!

This is a Mushroom plush. I actually had some difficulty with this little fella. I started with a really simple design then decided that it wouldn't work after I had started, so I had to come up with a new pattern that just about doubled the pieces of fabric I had originally planned.

The stalk was longer than I wanted. And just as a rule when you stuff a plushie mushroom cap you can not make it umbrella like a mushroom should... without some other structure inside it.

Mushrooms love Strawberries.
At least I can't... yet.

Then a wonderful toy that I'm plenty proud of. A fellow plushie toymaker on Deviantart, Banniee (this is her Deviantart), requested something completely original. She is also one of the most enthusiastic persons who's ever liked my toys.

She said she was interested in elephants with lots of legs... so I began the task of designing a six legged elephant. I hit a few bumps when putting it all together. It really isn't too complicated a design but the challenge was sewing the legs and ears on and then turning it inside out to stuff it. I only made it harder for myself and I had to undo a good portion of work I had already started.

But it's the challenge that makes it wonderful and exciting! She's named it Maylo the Elephantisum, since I pointed out that it didn't really turn out to be a six legged elephant... but it's elephant-esque... it's elephantisum.

I'm really proud cause it's obviously a 3-d design! I haven't created so many 3-d toys and this is my favorite so far!

So anyway! I'm being lazy again. I've got to get Banniee's Maylo out the door and shipped off to her. Then I've got to get some more work done on an old fashioned kitty plush....

But then... I feel like I'm missing something. I came up with a whole bunch of little notepad pages of toy ideas and doodles. They're some fun animal designs there, but my laziness is an obstacle to overcome. What I need is a something fun, different, and original to really get me motivated. I want to be a little crazy. A little... craaaazy.

So I've got some new exciting plans I'm hoping I follow through on... I won't tell you what it is... It's a secret!

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Kat said...

OH MY GOD this is so cute. You're a really talented plush maker!