Thursday, November 29, 2007

Deux amoureux tout étourdis par la longue nuit

Before i get to the toys i want to mention that i got to meet Shawn.. i wanna say Smith..., the man behind Shanimals. some of you might not be a hundred percent familiar with Shawnimals... so check out this site: i was at Rotofugi (, it's a pretty sweet place to pick up fantastic, but pricey toys) for the pre-release party of the Ninjatown microplush blindbox on tuesday.

(picture from rotofugi forums)
i picked up 4 of them, and i'll probably get more... because i ended up with 3 zombie ninjas and one White Ninja. learn more about Ninjatown at So anyway, that Shawn guy's a nice fella, i chatted with him for about a minute as he signed my Zombie Ninja. it's pretty inspirational to meet a guy who just started out making toys for fun a few years ago and now he's pretty widely known... among those people who would know him. i'm hoping in a few years i'll still be making toys, just more awesome.

i think i also chatted with another toy designer... though he didn't say so. he introduced himself as James, and this morning i remembered that Mei Mei and Di di were designed by a guy named James who works at Rotofugi! coincidence?! most likely, but i'd like to think it was something crazy.

So every moment that i'm not making toys i'm coming up with new toy ideas... i've got lots of pages of stuff... some of it's even good! it's hard for me to fall asleep because i just lay in bed talking to myself thinking about toys... i'm also on route to figuring out how to sell some of these guys, once i get to a point where i stop thinking my toys are of a cruddy quality. i need constant praise damn it! haha i joke. sort of.

finally, here are some new friends. i'm not a big fan of the second one, he didn't turn out super fantastic in my opinion... oh wells. yes they're not particularly complicated, but simpler means less work time! which means more toys. i do have some more intricate toy designs in mind, but i have lots on my mind.

(he's ridiculously squeezable, you know you want to)
(what a pervert, look at the eye! what's he looking at over there?)
(he's my favorite.)

i don't really speak french, this blog title which babelfish roughly translates to "Two in love all dazed by the long night..." was taken from "Les Champs-Elysees" by Joe Dassin, from the Darjeeling Limited Soundtrack. it makes my brain think enthusiastically and whimsically. great for doodling toys.

hey also! my camera sucks, i need to get a new one. today whenever i pointed it toward the sunlight it started making clicking noises and the screen would flash. what the hell?

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