Monday, December 10, 2007

i hit the city by three and the bottle by four...

first thing's first! i have a new camera.

next, i've started using a sewing machine. an older sort of cruddy sewing machine that my mom pulled out of the closet. i'm not so bad at it, and it does save me time but for the smaller toys and pieces it's pretty difficult and not worth the hassle. good stuff though. there's also a bit of lag time between when i finish the toys to when i put them here. dsl didn't work out at home so posting stuff takes a ridiculous amount of time, and quite often my internet will cut me off or just won't upload anything! BLARAGH! so i'm actually posting this at my college tech lab place.

also check... this out! i remember seeing this toy a long while ago, or bits of it on some forum a long while ago. check out their site,, though it seems right now it's basically just the flier and the forum.
click to make bigger i think.
so it seems that 5 days from now they're having their release party for that chompin critter. i'm planning on getting one (at $25!! how can i afford these things?) though i'm not a hundred percent sure i'm going to the event. i probably will. i'm not sure if that place is more of a store or if it leans toward gallery. either way it'd be cool to check out. and with my new camera i might even snap a few pictures to share.
though i think people only show up here when i give them the link.... hehahahehe.

now these Quadropods were much better in doodle form. because i like what i originally planned these guys will probably undergo a redesign. now i told will church these guys were named Aquadropods, whatever reasons i had for that have expired. so thusly, they are this.

quadropod 1

(i like this one the best, the next two suck a little bit)

quadropod 2

quadropod 3

"MyGhoul." another toy that was a fantastic doodle, but he turned out alright. he's got a pocket at his mouth so you can put stuff in there. that's where he keeps his heart. i'm not sure if he ate it or if he stole it.... you can never tell about these guys...

this picture's dark because i didn't use the flash... why? i dunno. i just want you to see that little heart. making it was difficult due to my fat fingers. i stuffed it and had to close it... jeez.

see? that heart fits right in there. i made a whole big fuss over that pocket cause for whatever reason my brain couldn't visualizing it working right, but i don't know why. it wasn't complicated at all. damn my brain!

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