Monday, November 26, 2007

baby tonight, i've got a question for you...

nothing spectacularly new.
Mr. Heartface
The Evolution of The EveryMan (#4 needs to be fixed, he ugly)
a redesigned MiMo (note Mo's flat outlet belly. i like it better)

MiMo red and green... you know... for the christmas.

i now have two MiMo sets not including MiMo red and green (for those of you who might be interested... heh haha). now it still takes me somewhere between 2-3 and a half hours to finish one half of MiMo, i make them together so they're made for each other.

but because of the lengthy work time on these guys and the dozens of other ideas i have that start work on, i'll be setting them aside for a bit. if you're interested in a mediocre quality (i've only been sewing for... three weeks... there are imperfections aplenty) MiMo, you'll have to let me know.

so what's next on the list of toys to be made? why... MiMo + Friends! and some simple kind of cute fellas i've nicknamed Eekers.

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Johnny said...

i. want. those. now.