Saturday, November 3, 2007

the northwest fills the lungs kills the pain in my chest

another wire and clay mixup, she's got more wings instead of arms and no head... i sculpted one but it was very ugly so i'm leaving it unbaked/unfinished for the time being. the armature was pokey... also sculpting breasts? difficult.

and what's this? plush toys! well... sort of... i'm trying. the last time i sewed something was in 4th grade for a class project so i'm not a hundred percent on what i'm doing. lots of guess work. they're pretty basic. i just doodle onto a piece of fabric and cut out it out twice and sew them together. figuring out how to hide that final stitch is pretty hard, but so is not poking myself with the needle. since these guys are just practice i'm using a whole bunch of left over orange fabric from my sister... i think she said it was okay to use it, but she's away at college so ha! it's mine!!

i started real basic, not the most original plush toy. he's stuffed with old newspaper.

a little crazier design wise, long necks. since i only have orange cloth and i didn't want to sit there stitching an eye on with thread, it's just a blue sharpie. in fact, they all have blue sharpie eyes. he's got a full Parade magazine in his gut. just about 17 inches from toes to top.

"Coolidge Collage"
since this afternoon i bought a whole bunch of plush toy stuffing Coolidge here is an actual plush toy. he's modeled after a duck i once met.

all together now.

i'm working my way up to the more ridiculous stuff. practice makes perfect friends.

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