Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Victor!

Yes, it's my birthday! But there are more interesting things to share!

I finally got around to finishing Humphrey Sextapus! You'll see him in the little Etsy window to the side.

"Single purple male Cephalopod ISO fun loving six armed creature of the sea. Raised in captivity. Nearly 17 inches wide and 15 inches tall.

I enjoy long crawls up the side of the tank, clam bakes and spooking the occasional passerby with a cloud of purple ink.

My perfect match would be a little wild, possibly from the Pacific, sweet and is capable of communicating using their chromatophore skin cells.

While unable to relocate from the aquarium, neighboring tanks include Japanese spider crabs and jellyfish. They're good company. Meals arrive promptly at 8pm and then we can party the night away.

My picture is included please send yours with your reply.

Longing for love under the sea....

I like him!

I'd also like to share that I've been accepted to participate in this year's Plush You toy show! It takes place in Seattle in the fall and I've got some great stuff planned! Just be patient and let me get my work done!

Finally, a quick little bit about another recent project I finished for college. We could pretty much do anything we wanted to do as long as it involved... time... I suppose... Anyway, I made a cartoon. I had tried to draw animations a couple years ago, before I started making toys. Now I'm doing it again! Wonderful!

I'm not an animation student, so it's not perfect, but it turned out pretty wonderful!

"Fish eat Fish" 2009 Remake. 275 drawings, that were done in pencil, then each of them inked, and photographed. I even managed to finish it in about a week! I'm impressed! Since I'm not studying animation I have slightly different learning curve... but I'm hoping to finish a few more cartoons by the end of the summer!

Bye bye All! It's time for meee birthday!

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