Monday, May 18, 2009

Ingrid, Quadropode and Reginald Custom


I think maybe I should start sharing toys on my blog first and then everywhere else! Otherwise I'm always playing catch up. Like now... Here are some toys!

Ingrid Unicorn:

With Ingrid I really wanted to do something different. I wanted to include some sort of texture, instead of just lots of smooth huggable fleece. Her scales turned out real well I think. Sewing two pieces of fleece together, one on top of the other to make the scales puff out a bit. It actually made her body stiff enough to keep it's shape without any stuffing!

She's also got some silly teeth huh? I like them!


The Quadropode is actually based on one of my earlier toys from way back in the beginning... check it:

This blue one was sewn completely by hand and much smaller than the new green one.

I have plans to create more Quadropodes in different colors, with slightly different expressions in the future, yes I do! A Quadropode is about 17 inches tall and completely sewn on the machine. That saves me time and encourages me to give it a much more affordable price tag. Check him out on my Etsy shop.

Finally.... here is Reginald. He is a custom order for a friend who's developing a top secret board game. So shhh....

He's a roach. He's got a sort of beatnik look going on with his button glasses and cigarettes. I could certainly go into a bit of detail about how difficult it was to get the size of his body right and the ridges on his bottom half... and good golly it was tough!

Custom orders are always much more difficult than working from my own designs. With Reginald I had a couple reference pictures but it still took me a couple tries to keep all his parts in proportion. Let's not even get into his accessories! But let's.

His glasses are suppose to be buttons and I had some crazy plans involving vinyl and other materials... but those ideas never really panned out. However just sticking with black fleece and running some wire through them worked pretty well I think! His clothes took a couple tries too, but I absolutely love how his sweater turned out!

Alright that's all for now.... Although I suppose I could announce this little tidbit...

I'll be participating in the Plush You show in Seattle in October. That's right! Big fancy plush toy show and they accepted my application! More on that soon enough!

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