Monday, March 30, 2009

To the Gallery!

So you probably thought I was sleeping this whole time right? Not making any toys, right?!

Well, you're wrong. Look at what I made!

2 morbishims, 1 morbisham, 8 bunnies and three new monsters! What a fun colorful bunch! Those bunnies are a gallery exclusive! Cause I do prefer to keep them white, makes things much much easier for me.

both valiant and humble. He can even stand on his own! What a guy!

Four eyes... the better to see you with! and six legs... the better to steal all your nachos with!

looking sweet no matter how it's standing!

They're all going to the Made Gallery at:

2124 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

If you're around, go see them! Buy them! So I can make more toys for you to buy!

But it wasn't all work... I was even persuaded into making a Nannerpus:

It's not as good as a real banana, and I don't like making trademarked things! (Nannerpus might not be trademarked... it's about the principle!) But she wouldn't stop asking! Plus she has pretty eyes. What could I do?!

Finished at 3am... I was sleepy.

His eyes aren't even right! Where are my cupcakes?!?!

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