Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I Know That You're In Love With Her

So just a quick update tonight!

I've finished a couple of Morbishams and one is now listed on Etsy. The other will go up tomorrow after I take some decent pictures!

But here we go, straight from Etsy cause I'm always too lazy to describe things more than one way:

Here in the King Kongery you'll encounter many different and interesting creatures...

Having spent a frivolous childhood filled with lazy days and seemingly never ending fun a Morbishim does grow up... into a Morbisham!

Now a bit taller, a bit wiser, and with a pair of antlers the Morbisham is all ready for a grown up sort of life. No longer hiding in bushes and trees waiting on potential victims for their immature pranks, Morbishams can be found standing on beaches, river banks and over puddles of water.

They stand so still at times it makes you wonder what they're thinking about. Are they pondering the mysteries of the universe? Remembering their lives so far and contemplating their futures? No! In fact they're just checking out their reflections! Admiring that magnificent stache!

Morbishams still enjoy a good Perchubim fruit snack but they make sure to squeeze the fruit first, dabbing a bit of that sticky Perchubim juice on their mustaches to keep it slick. They've got to stay stylish right?

You might think they're self centered... or even pretentious! But that's not true! Still a fun loving bunch, they're always excited to make new friends and have a good time!

This particular Morbisham is awaiting a new home! And in search of a new friend to have fun with! As long as you don't mind the quick glance in a mirror or reflective surface from time to time.

It's just about 5 inches wide, 5 inches long, 7 inches tall (not including those 3 inch antlers), and entirely hand sewn.

Fun fun! And just for a bit more fun, I took Rockwell (that's my first Morbisham and the one I'm keeping) outside for a quick photo shoot... and then all these birds showed up... but I don't think Rockwell minded much.

I think he's named that one Rockwell Jr.

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