Thursday, December 20, 2007

Annie Aime Les Sucettes

hey what's new ladies and gents? new news, unfortunately i wasn't able to make it to that FluffyYukYuk release party.

Christmas is coming. turns out i somehow thought there was at least another week and a half until said holiday, and i thought i had a lot more time to get things done. i don't. i wanted to make lots of plush toys for people, but that and trying to finish some new designs and getting the toys ready to be sold online. right now it looks like i'll be setting up shop at i'm pretty enthusiastic about it.

i of course need to start spreading my name around, so hey, every now and then in the middle of a conversation just drop my name and say i make toys. yeah.

but here are some new ones. a couple bugs first.

this was a test bug, just to see how that way of attaching the limbs would look.
my mom thinks he looks like a crab. i guess he sorta does...

now Architeuthis. i know what you're thinking, that's not a giant squid. i didn't really have a name for him but people kept saying he looked like a tooth and then i thought about Architeuthis, and i don't think i pronounce it right... but anyway it looks like i'm getting into making more 3-d designs, not just the flat toys. they're fun, just a bit challenging.

he has velcro hands to hold things! like my pen!

and here's the Cowboy. aptly named by cuau! he was a fun little guy to make, the softest most fun to squish cow... bear... cat... thing...

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collapsibleboat said...

I always love your stuff, especially as they become more complex. And the last little fellow...he should totally have friend and they should stack! YEAH! STACKING IS COOL!