Tuesday, January 15, 2008

wine for the women who made the rain come...

Ohhhhh... hey, it's the new year. why haven't i done anything?!

haha i'm lazy.

hey look, i LOVE Extras. that's right i do.

yeah, i'm behind the boxes.

when i learned that Ricky Gervais, that little fat man with the pug nose face, who was fantastic in BBC's The Office was writing, directing, and starring in a brand new television series.... I had to see it! unfortunately i don't live in Britain or have cable, so that meant i'd have to wait for it to arrive on dvd.

and i bought it. and i laughed, i laughed a lot. series 2 came out. and i bought it. and i laughed, i laughed a lot. but then what was next? 12 episodes... would they keep on going? no, they pulled a BBC. they finished it off with an extra long series finale, which aired back in december. but i didn't get to see it... so when i discovered it would be released on dvd i was ecstatic! however it would only be released in the Extras: The Complete Series set. it's just the exact same four discs that had been released before, the same four i already own!

am i really the sort of person who would spend 36 dollars for one episode of a tv show? for Extras, yes! i would. plus i have a crush on Maggie Jacobs (played by the wonderful Ashley Jensen). she's fantastic, especially in this finale. ohhh my... i'll tell you this, for the last parts of the finale i cried. yeah i did.

she's on the left. heheheheeee.

if anybody knows Ashley Jensen, tell her that i'm going to make her a toy... and i'll give it to her... for a kiss! ohhhh!

alright well, toys. i've sort of been in a toymaking limbo for the past couple weeks. i did manage to sit down and get one toy made. he's below, i call him Hamilton, the lazy toy. i didn't put much effort into him, i just needed to get something done.

i am in the process of preparing for the opening of my online toy shop. which will be on etsy.com, nothing fantastically spectacular. if you haven't been to etsy.com, check it out! there's some pretty stuff there.

at the moment i'm spending my time doodling, thinking up new ideas, stockpiling MiMo's (so if you're interested start saving up!), but i'll also be creating new, sort of more complicated things. so expect either unmatched original brilliance, or epic tragic failures.

anyway, these first two were finished right before new year's eve.

"Black." i don't have another name for it, though i've gotten a few suggestions. it's made of vinyl, i wanted to try out a different kind of fabric... and vinyl is ridiculously tough to sew, but it turned out swell.


he's the same on all sides

this guy is Red Lightning. he's similar to a toy i shared in the last post, Architeuthis. they're both tripods, and they've got those long flat arms with velcro at the tips. you can wear him as a scarf! i know i might...




check out those lips!

and now! here's my first toy of 2008. like i mentioned, i just wanted to make something. so he's not particularly symmetrical but he's got a cute face! again, his name is Hamilton. the lazy toy.

i was even lazy with the pictures.

i drove my sister to her university... and he came with! road trip!

so stay tuned for exciting updates! here's hoping i'm becoming the sort of man who follows through on things. and also! let's hope that Ashley Jensen gets bored sometimes and reads toy blogs by asian guys.


collapsibleboat said...

I love the Lazy Plush, really great--and if that is you being ultra lazy...a lot of the other plush makers are comatose. This is till really quite 3D considering a lot of what is out there.

The vinyl fellow is also great, reminiscent of Jamous...but even more three dimensional. Though to be fair...Jamous still rocks.

Always love it, and totally want some!

dustin said...

dude, you are officially my new favorite artist.

Mr Crammed said...

Have you applied to Crammed Organisms Yet?