Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bunnies are back!

Bunny Classic! Sweet as ever!

The sort of face only a mother could love... no... it probably ate it's mother.

oh bloody bunny leftovers...

"Don't worry, we've got the situation under control... Probably..."

The Hazmat/Containment Bunny still needs a bit of reworking and that'll be the official first set of Zombunnies Phase 1. Shall we look forward to Phase 2? A few ideas I've been knocking around include an infected hazmat bunny (those suits probably don't do very much anyway), a survivor bunny (with grizzled beard!), and then... well I don't know! I'll come up with something! As always these bunnies are all available on my Etsy shop!

I also hope to share some illustrations I'm working on! Sooooooon. Ish.

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