Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good Gosh. Here's something.

I'm building a world. Professor Morongo Faust is the character that will guide us through it. During the course of his expeditions we'll review his field journal, learning all that he will discover.

More about him another time!

It's only one night after his arrival upon this chain of uncharted islands...

"...we were woken by a rustling within our campsite, upon inspection we discovered that our dried food storage had been raided. Following a trail of dried fish crumbs into the forests, we stumbled upon a small group of small mammal burrowers. Once aware of our presence they pounced! A small nuisance at first, scuttling around and gnawing on our boots, we were soon overcome by their numbers! Dozens upon dozens climbing out of every imaginable crack and chasm in the ground. They climbed upon each other I ordered a retreat to the camp and the team scampered away, more than a few of us tumbling over the growing mounds of the “Fervorets.” Fortunately we’ve observed enough of their nests to hopefully avoid any further unexpected encounters!”


Oh... and here's a quick peek at what I'm hoping to finish up tonight....

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