Monday, July 27, 2009

They're Coming...

From the diary of Dr. Morongo Faust, the world's leading extraterrestrial leporidaeologist (rabbit scientist):

"July 27-
The Telepathic Killer Bunnies From Outer Space. That's what I used to call them. But time has passed and a bit more has been revealed about them to me.

It turns out they're a brilliant alien species and for millions of years they've thrived on their home planet, Vitamin B12 (that's a rough translation). However, something's gone terribly astray. A great horror has struck their binary bunny star system and it's forced them to leave!

With their highly advanced technology and much searching, they finally discovered Earth. Our planet was one so distant and isolated that the bunnies hoped they could be safe...

They were wrong. They're trying to warn us. The horror is coming. An evil that we have never known...

The Zombunnies are coming..."

Sure it sounds a little like Zamboni... but oh well! Each zombunnie has red eyes and a mouth slathered in blood. The blood is hand embroidered so every zombunnie will be unique. I've only finished a few so far and soon I'll be listing them on my Etsy shop as well as sending them to the gallery in New Orleans. That last one is particularly creepy... he's bleeding from his eyes!


There's other things to discuss! The deadline for the Plush You Show is rapidly approaching and I still have so much to get done!

For now, here's a peek at the first toy I'll be sending to the show!

His eye is a bit tough to see, I'm worried I should have added a bit of light color underneath first. But it is easier to see in person. I haven't made very many toys with noses but he has one! He also has fur which was fun and a pain to work with. He's real cute!

SO! PLUSH YOU!! The show is in October and I'm hoping to go but it seems very unlikely that I'll be able to afford to fly to Seattle... hahaha, but! The show should be awesome no matter what, with or without me there!

Keep an eye on the Plush You blog to for interviews with some of the artists that'll be participating in the show!

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toffee-and-tea said...

the zombunnies are completely awesome