Tuesday, July 14, 2009


"Petrupo" It means pocket mouth (in my made up toy language). Sure, toys with mouths full of teeth are awesome and toys with silly lips are fun too! But there's something real precious about a monster with a pocket mouth!

This is Jorriee!

He's a snacker and a hugger. He may be attempting both those things in that last picture...

Hey! I haven't posted Bat pictures?!

There we go.

I've also emptied out my Etsy shop and I've FINALLY sent toys to the Made gallery in New Orleans. I'm awful at getting things done on time. But that'll have to change! There's so much happening nowadays!

Not only have I gotten started on my next shipment to the gallery, but I've also got to finish...
my toys for the Plush You show, then I also want to get into the next issue of Stuffed! A toy magazine!

So much to do! Bye bye bye! See you all a bit later!

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