Thursday, February 26, 2009

You've Won!

Well, you haven't won, you haven't done anything yet! Let me catch you up. Two weeks ago I came up with a contest on for deviantarters for a chance to win a free bunny!

The challenge was
to browse through my Deviantart gallery and draw a picture of any of my plushie toy creations. I was surprised by the interest and there were some absolutely wonderful entries! (make sure to click on their names to see their other work on Deviantart!)

Here they are!
Click them to see them up close!

"Monsta House" by Clarisse-d

by 13words

"quadropod" by pineapple123

"Jupiter Scotch" by pineapple123

"my new Warsington tattoo" by pineapple123

"Squishipon" by aerisek

"Edmond and Frank" by Deadlypancake

"Listen, Love" by gopie (you'll have to search through scraps for their work)

"Plushland Invasion" by Chivalricspook

"Squorch and Chup" by Platypi

by lizthezombiebamf

Finally, the winners. I couldn't possibly pick just one... even three was tough! But I did it!

"Evil Corporate Day" by Clarisse-d

"Sensitive" by gopie

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