Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tweet Tweet.

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But... it's even less exciting than this blog...

Even though I was quite excited about my super extra long weekend from classes (that's right! I'm back to being a college punk kid!), I've quickly realized I've simply got too much to do and even this extra time isn't enough! I'm already working on getting more bunnies finished, a pretty rockin custom order, and it's about time I got to filling up my etsy shop! Look! It's empty!

Then I've got two design projects and lots of drawings to catch up on! Lots and lots. Hopefully I'll manage, I might have to give up sleep for a bit.

Other exciting news, I've started a little contest to give away a FREE BUNNY. However it's only for Deviantart members! You can read more about it here. I've already got a few wonderful entries and the contest goes on for almost another two weeks.

I'll be posting all of the entries up a bit later, though you could search for them yourself in the comments list on my Deviantart journal page. I may also post a few of my college assignments.... maybe.

I also want an actual website! Everything costs money but I have none! Time to earn some...

Finally, just to round out this Valentine's day post the most recent entry in my Free Bunny Contest:

"Evil Corporate Day" by *Clarisse-d
(click to enlarge!)

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