Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Dr. Morongo Faust and Plush You!

Alright! Nothing too new. I'm aware that my last entry included a picture I had already shared, forgive me it was late and I was tired.

Meanwhile! I had also included a journal entry from the illustrious Dr. Morongo Faust. We'll learn more about him eventually, but for now... here's his portrait! The World's Leading Extraterrestrial Leporidaeologist-
I've also got plans to stamp his face on bunny tags. Plans plans plans!

Better news!

I've finally mailed out my Plush You! toys, though there were only two I love them so much! I think they're gonna arrive a bit later than they should... just past the deadline but I'm hoping they'll forgive me...


I was having the most ridiculous time trying to come up with a name for this cute beast, who seems to be a cross between a sewer rat, a pig and a wolf... Loveable! Flaversham is actually the name of the toymaker from the Great Mouse Detective. Awesome right?

I love him and I'm sad he left!

Then of course... there's the "50 Year Old Bunnipede"

He's an actual centipede! A hundred legs! He took a bit of time, a lot of patience, but in the end he's quite wonderful.

Now let's just see what we know about this Bunnipede...

From the journal of Dr. Morongo Faust, the world's leading extraterrestrial leporidaeologist (alien rabbit scientist):


On the planet Vitamin D there are only two seasons. The Bright Season, a perpetual spring when days never seem to end. Followed by the Storm Season, where the clouds seem frozen in the sky and torrential rains drench the landscape. At the beginning of every Bright Season those delightful Bunnipedes that have survived the rains grow a new pair of legs!

It's worth noting that if the Storm Season had been particularly harsh a Bunnipede's new legs will be a darker green than usual, whereas a less difficult Storm Season surrounded by love ones would yield a golden pair of legs! Absolutely wonderful! I can only guess at some of the stories a Bunnipede would have to tell!"

Wonderful! For the time being the Bunnipede is going to be a Plush You! 09 exclusive, because I've run out of the yellow fur... I'll have to scour the planet for more!

You'll be able to see both Flaversham and the 50 Year old Bunnipede in person starting October 10th at the Bluebottle Art Gallery located at...

415 East Pine Street, Seattle, WA 98122

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That's where it is! But don't you dare forget to check out the Plush You! toys at Schmancy or The Anne Bonny! Check out this Plush You blog post on all sorts of reasons why you should go check out the show!

Then! That's... that's really it for now I guess!

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