Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So cheap and Juicy.

so i didn't have enough balsa-foam to begin work on Cthulhu Fullback. i didn't really want to deal with this sculpey clay when making an articulated action figure, so i flipped through my clipboard and picked something challenging but fun looking.

"with the voice of legend, he is Karaoke King."

just a bit under 4 inches he was certainly more time consuming and i actually carved one of his arms separately and attached it afterward, so i could get his collar going. he also can't stand up because i wasn't thinking balance when i was sculpting... so i had to stick him to a base with a... stick.

my reference picture. i don't do turnarounds (yet), which is just how the figure should look from every side, namely because i'm lazy... and at the moment i've got enough of the figure in my head to get it done, sorta.

i need to take better pictures. also note: left arm not up in the air! not enough foam in that direction.
i'm too lazy to get the lamp... or a new camera. try to zoom in somehow for closeup?

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